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The Abductors

Ginger dances with maracas

Sexy crime thriller

Best with:
Chateau Malbec 2006

Probably the best entry in the Ginger trilogy, the Abductors (1972) is less James Bond and more Law and Order. "She's more exciting, more experienced, more everything".

Ginger (Cheri Caffero) is called upon to assist in the investigation of the disappearance of several young girls in the area. For this assignment, she has a partner (Jennifer Brooks).

A crime syndicate is found to be responsible: they are kidnapping the women and selling them as sex slaves to rich businessmen.

"For sale: Mistress in bondage. Young, beautiful, innocent. Price: $100,000."

After swallowing radio-tracking receivers, Ginger and her partner get abducted by the criminals .. but their cover is blown rather quickly.

Can the reinforcements make it in time to rescue them, before they are tortured?

Best quote of the movie:
It takes a bitch to beat a bastard at his own game.
- Ginger, addressing one of the Abductors

Starring Cheri Caffaro, Richard Smedley, Jennifer Brooks, William Grannel, and Patrick Wright.

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This movie can be rented from Netflix.

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