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Anita: Swedish Nymphet

She makes it with the town's entire male population

Nice cocktail party dance number

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Affligem Triple

Christina Lindberg portrays Anita, a nymphomaniac, willing to do anything to satisfy her craving.

After a quickie in a storage closet, he is taken by another suitor to what appears to be a tent near a constructions site.

The scene cuts to Anita talking to a Erik, a psychiatrist of sorts, who genuinely cares for her, and is trying to cure her compulsion disorder.

We later find she has a bad reputation in town, she can't even buy a hotdog without being insulted by bystanders.

The next day, she picks up a distinguished gentleman, a glassworker, at the train station.

Off they go to an apartment which Anita frequently uses for her trists.

They finish quickly .. and again we see Anita talking with her psychiatrist.

Later, in the evening, Anita's parents are having a dinner party. Anita and her sister are singing, accompanied by piano. After the first song, Anita proclaims "we can dance too" .. and proceeds to go into a strip routine! The parents are against this, but in the audience is the Colonel, an important society member. She ends the number in her birthday suit.

The next day, Anita is out .. and arrive home late. Her father, Evar, confronts her: "Don't you know what you are doing?"

In the morning, Anita has tea with Erik, we find she has been this way since she was thirteen.

Later that evening, Anita hooks up with an artist who seeks her out for a modeling job. In his studio, she seduces him. Intrigued, he expresses interest in her, asks her to stay with him. Anita screams "don't you get it!" and smashes his sculpture.

The scene cuts to Erik buying some wine at the store. He is confronted by an alcoholic who berates him and almost assaults him. A chase ensues, and the two end up by the tent, where Anita is busy with her latest client. He collides with her as she is leaving the tent!

Erik is now more determined than ever to help Anita.

He finds that nymphomaniacs typically do not achieve orgasm .. and that the condition is rooted in resentment towards the parents.

Anita attempts electronic stimulation, with no success. She ends up in a workers cottage, where it is announced "she will do it for free". The next day we find out they are foreign drug dealers - as the cops burst in and arrested them all!

Later in the week Erik searches for Anita at all the usual locations, with no luck.

Anita has been assigned a counselor, who she takes a liking to, even though she is a woman. That evening, they have an affair.

We now find Anita at an all-nude cabaret, where she has made several friends .. she admits her nymphomatic urge is gone!

Erik finally catches up with her, and they are reunited as a couple at last.

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