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Connie Stevens as a promiscuous detective

Connie Stevens as a promiscuous detective

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Arbois Chardonnay, 2005

Originally titled "Federal Undercover Agent Jackie Parker" .. the oddly titled "Scorchy" is a bit uneven at times, but overall entertaining.

For more than two years, Jackie has been on the trail of the Bianco brothers who, under the guise of operating an export- import business between Rome and Seattle, are smuggling dope, with one brother at each terminal supervising the operation. On a plane bound from Rome to Seattle, Jackie, masquerading at a tourist, is following a shipment of heroin concealed in a bronze statue.

Determined to follow the trail of the dope until she can get to the main connection - the top buyer-distributor, Jackie has spent two years developing a friendship with the U.S.-based crime boss and his wife. She has even allowed herself to become involved in minor smuggling operations in her small plane, in the hope that this will help lead her to trail's end.

The film ends with a helicopter chase and gun battle .. and it is revealed why there is no
Scorchy 2 ..

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